Mátraverebély Szentkút Basilic


We have joined the Mátraverebély Szentkút National Shrine’s complex works in 2014, when we received a request to furnish the Basilica and the outdoor Mass area. In Phase I. we have delivered the Basilica’s new pure wood furniture, for which we have used 25 m3 of oak wood. We have manufactured the monks’ and the high priest’s chairs, the speech stand, the Ambon, the preparatory table and many tabernacle and reliquaries. Somewhat beyond funishing almost as a joinery work, our company built the new confessional booth for the Basilica.

We have made the Balisica’s and the outdoor Mass area’s Altars as well from “Süttő” limestone, the speech stand, in which we have built-in reliquaries protected by safety glass.

With our work we have done the most sensitive and important job of all as the Altar is the center of the liturgy and it is always surrounded by great attention. The results speak for themselves, which reflects the most on the client, the designer and the most importantly on the believers!


2014 – 2015